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Kemet the Phantom Announces Album Title & Release Date

Kemet the Phantom Announces Album Title & Release Date

Over a year ago I announced Project Sankofa an upcoming project that I was working on. Over one thousand people signed up to receive a free download of the album which they would receive when the album was released. Since that time I have released two music videos, Get Out (The Streetcar Song) and Suite Life featuring Kyle James and I also announced that I have joined the Substruct Music family. 

Today I am happy to announce that the conceptual vehicle that was used to create this album, Project Sankofa, has inspired an official album name: The Invisible Man

The other bit of good news is, I will be releasing it on Friday, January 13th. Stay tuned for more updates and music. Thanks so much for your support!

Can't believe it, but it's been over two years since I've released an album. I have been making music since the age of 13 and have gone through many phases, transitions and changes all in an effort to grow as an artist and market myself in to becoming a professional full-time musician.

This project is unbridled Kemet. It's me 100%, take it or leave it. I believe the best part about this album is it's honestly and purity in sound. I have always dabbled in many genres but on this album the marriage between all of them are very harmonious. I produced the majority of the album also with the help of Dominique S.Eddie MooreTimothy William Bass BroadbentLawrence JacksonSteve LambertDesmond Mason and a few other surprises. It's soul, it's rap, it's jazz, it's electronic, it's conscious, it's street, it's Kansas City, it's Black, it's bold, it's beautiful.

Pre-orders will be available soon. Until then, please stay tuned!