Kemet Coleman

Rap Artist and Urbanist Kemet the Phantom Ready to "Shock the City" with Community Engagement and KC Inspired Musical Release, "Electric Park"

“Kansas City has a great story to tell. Even if it's through a modern lens.” That's what rap artist, urbanist and developer, Kemet Coleman (aka Kemet the Phantom) puts on full display with his latest release, Electric Park. The album was co-produced by Coleman and the legendary producer and turntablist, Leonard Dstroy, and attempts to interpret the mysterious ethos of how Kansas City's notorious reputation culminates with a marvel of a theme park that has no trace of existence today. 

"Kansas City's story deserves to be interpreted in ways that rise above what's available in a textbook. Now that the city is showing signs of shedding its inferiority complex, I think it's important to use pieces of our past as a catalyst to be creative with expressing the good, the bad and the ugly of today".

Through the lens of the 32-year-old rap artists' upbringing from birth to present day in Kansas City, each song represents eight topics: CHANGE, SEDUCTION, EUPHORIA, POWER, DEATH, VICE, LOVE and MUSIC. With songs like "Rollin' Down Paseo", Kemet explores the nostalgia and confusion of emotions that fester as the future of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, formally known as The Paseo, is determined by a vote.

Due to the historical significance of Electric Park, Coleman has landed partnerships with several key Kansas City organizations include the City Market, J. Rieger & Co., KC Streetcar, and The Downtown Council to both celebrate Kansas City as well as Electric Park.

Electric Park will be available at all online retailers worldwide on August 16, 2019, or "816 Day"


Electric Park will be released on KC’s city-wide holiday, 816 Day, based off of the area code 816 that serves the Kansas City, MO area. The release will coincide with the 816 Day Festival where Coleman will perform the album front to back at the City Market at 8:16 pm on August 16, 2019, at “The Electric Park Experience Party”. Coleman, in conjunction with Squeezebox and KC Streetcar, has also coordinated Kansas City historical reenactors to be in full costume and character inside four of the streetcars during the 816 Day festivities and into the performance of “The Electric Park Experience.”

“The collision of music, dance, theater and the notorious history of Kansas City makes this event a dream come true for me. My deep love for my city has spread like a virus throughout my music and I felt it was only best that Electric Park not only explores parts of me as a human but also who I am as a part of Kansas City.”