Kemet the Phantom is now the UMKC Men's Basketball In-Game DJ

Kemet the Phantom is now the UMKC Men's Basketball In-Game DJ

I love UMKC. I went to college there, I have made three songs that rep it (and are played regularly at the home games) and I have been featured on some of their commercials. It was only natural that when UMKC Athletics contacted me with an unprecedented opportunity such as DJing at all of the men's home games at Municipal Auditorium this season, I gave them a resounding hells yes.

So it's official, I am the UMKC Men's Baskeball in-game DJ. I did my first game on the 5th of November and had the time of my life. Courtside watching NCAA Division One ball and playing my favorite tunes? Sign me up.

By the way, Lower Level Reserved season tickets are going for $99.

Gold & Blue

Kemet the Phantom

Kemet the Phantom Announces Album Title & Release Date

Kemet the Phantom Announces Album Title & Release Date

Over a year ago I announced Project Sankofa an upcoming project that I was working on. Over one thousand people signed up to receive a free download of the album which they would receive when the album was released. Since that time I have released two music videos, Get Out (The Streetcar Song) and Suite Life featuring Kyle James and I also announced that I have joined the Substruct Music family. 

Today I am happy to announce that the conceptual vehicle that was used to create this album, Project Sankofa, has inspired an official album name: The Invisible Man

The other bit of good news is, I will be releasing it on Friday, January 13th. Stay tuned for more updates and music. Thanks so much for your support!

Can't believe it, but it's been over two years since I've released an album. I have been making music since the age of 13 and have gone through many phases, transitions and changes all in an effort to grow as an artist and market myself in to becoming a professional full-time musician.

This project is unbridled Kemet. It's me 100%, take it or leave it. I believe the best part about this album is it's honestly and purity in sound. I have always dabbled in many genres but on this album the marriage between all of them are very harmonious. I produced the majority of the album also with the help of Dominique S.Eddie MooreTimothy William Bass BroadbentLawrence JacksonSteve LambertDesmond Mason and a few other surprises. It's soul, it's rap, it's jazz, it's electronic, it's conscious, it's street, it's Kansas City, it's Black, it's bold, it's beautiful.

Pre-orders will be available soon. Until then, please stay tuned!

Kemet the Phantom Signs Deal with Substruct Records

Kemet the Phantom Signs Deal with Substruct Records

Today I am happy to announce that I have entered in to an agreement with Portuguese record label Substruct as their new, first and only rapper/vocalist. Under their umbrella I will be collaborating with some of the best forward-thinking producers in the game (mostly based in Europe) that also share my affinity for a blend of rap, jazz, soul and electronic music.

Since the age of 13 I have dreamed of someday showing the world my music. I have had many opportunities many I've missed because my lifestyle consumed the time needed to buckle down on my craft. Many I've turned down because it "just didn't feel right". I can't lie, there have been many, many times when I sit down at my workstation and wonder why the hell I'm even doing this shit. I have had many doubts about my style and have had many thoughts on how to hone in when my interests and tastes are so nebulous and I have to say, it feels very good to be embraced by not only a label that agrees with my philosophies about how the music industry should be but one that also creates the music I am addicted to.

Everyone please go and like their website and check out their other artists. There is much to be excited about in this chapter of my career and I am happy to be able to share it with you.

Kemet the Phantom-


Many of us live in fear - most of us do. We must not let that stop us from destroying injustice. Speak up. Stand up and be counted.

Dear Unborn Son

Dear Unborn Son

Dear Unborn Son,

To many it may seem as though you live in a perfect world. It is warm, it is comforting, blissful, you receive your nourishment through your mother, you dance to your mothers voice and singing, you have no worries and it is all that you know. You came from something so microscopic and have grown in to something so mighty and full of potential.

We, on the other hand (it may seem, at least), live in a world that is not so comforting. Humans are destroying our precious resources. The very computer that I am using as an instrument to pen this letter to you is powered by a battery which requires electricity to store energy which is a secondary energy source, meaning it is generated from the conversion of primary sources of energy such as fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) and nuclear power. We are savages at times. Some of our most downtrodden even take the lives of others weather as a result of ill will, accident or as a ramification of the shackles of institutional oppression.

I am African American, or, more archaically, Black - or even more so, Negro or even the worst of all, "Nigger" (a word I despise and refrain from using). Your amazing mother is White. When you are born you will be called many things and many of them will not make much sense. If your complexion is light, you may be seen as "white". If you are dark enough you may be called "Black" or "African American". You may also be referred to as "Mixed" or "Half" or even "Negro" or "Nigger". It is very important that you live beyond the confines of these labels. Your mother and I will do our very, very best to ensure that you are given every opportunity to be the best that you can possibly be -- regardless of what people say you are or think you are.

The outside world is not all bad. In fact, it is an amazing place that we are especially blessed to be a part of. I want to make it very clear that this letter was written with the intent to illuminate the tacit beauties in our everyday existence postpartum. One of those beauties is a thing called Music. I am a "musician" so it is only of proper course for me to speak on it thoroughly. Music is a language that is channelled through people like me, musicians. It is our connection to our universe which was birthed out of beautiful chaos and permitted our existence. Some will call what I just described God. Like the many labels humans will have for you, my beautiful son, they too have for "God". It is your path and your destiny to seek the ultimate truth in every way possible. These truths will create synergies which will naturally become harmonious. Some of our greatest minds were musicians in their own right for they channelled intellectual harmony. 

The word "music" comes from the the greek word "musa" or "muse" which means "to become absorbed with thought". You must become absorbed with thought but do not let it absorb you - be active. You must embrace the reality that you are a vessel for energy that will and must flow through you physically and mentally. In your own way, you must be a musician. You don't have to play an instrument to do that. You can be so by seeking understanding, extracting knowledge from everywhere, becoming one with nature, loving deeply and passionately, never suppressing your curiosity and by using your imagination to manifest the creativity that you have been blessed with to uplift our world. 

Because you are just as much the descendants of the oppressed and the oppressor you have an amazing opportunity to bridge our world's greatest divides. Like those of legend, activist, intellectual and "musical" prestige of "mixed blood" before you such as Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Alexander Dumas, just to name a few that appear at the top of the list of "African American" achievement, you must enable your muse to make this world a better place.

It is a very large responsibility and one that I am saddened to have to burden you with, but it is one that will give you great joy. All you have to be is be you. Our greatest gift to our world is being our best us. Do not give in to the temptation of submitting to the parameters of social constructs. You are to be like water, formless yet powerful. I may not be there when you arrive just as your grandfather may not be there when my full potential has come to fruition but that is alright. We must create a lasting legacy that touches the spirits and hearts and souls of those for many generations to come.

We are all connected, all of us, everything. Do not be ashamed of who you are as someone of African as well as European descent. Although there are many great and shameful things that separate us because of our actions as human beings, we are at our core simply that -- human. Even more fundamentally, we are multicellular organisms composed of many trillions of cells grouped into specialized tissues and organs. The things that separate us are created by our minds. Our minds are all we have. There is no light, there is no time, there is no color without the mind. It is the worlds greatest tool. It is a large reason why it will take you nine months to be ready to exit your mothers womb. It is your mind that will make our social world a more perfect one. 

Your mother is due any day now. She nor I got much sleep last night because you seem to be a very active fellow. That's okay! We look forward to meeting you and guiding you to be the best you you can be.


Your Father, Kemet Coleman


My #1 Problem When Creating Albums

My next album, which is under the codename Project Sankofa, is in the works. I was hoping to have things wrapped up this summer. Guess what? Summer is over. So what's  taking me so long? 

The short answer is personal growth. With every song or beat or lyric that I create, I improve and that leaves me with a problem. Should I work on new music or keep the old stuff? Compound this with the onslaught of wisdom and experiences I've been blessed with as of late and it seems to me that there may not be an end in site for this album.

That being said, I have made a promise to myself to not make anymore songs for this album. So be on the lookout for more updates, releases, videos, etc. 


Review: Best Dapper Alive receives 4.5/5 Stars

thePhantom* is no stranger to the KC music scene and with his wide range in genre, his latest release, “Best Dapper Alive”, was a tasty all-genre vomit of tracks. Remember this name because I bet it’s another one that rockets out of KC and exposes unique tones and sounds to the world.
— KC Cassi, I Do What I Want Radio

Best Dapper Alive now worldwide

I am happy to announce that Best Dapper Alive is available on all of the major online music retailers such as iTunes, Spotify, Beats Music, etc.



Best Dapper Alive news!


January 3rd my 10th solo album, Best Dapper Alive, was released for public consumption. It has garnered tons of positive reviews and I can't be more proud of it. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to KCYA. At the end of this quarter I will be giving them a check that was made possible by all of you who contributed!

Now some other news...


Those of you who ordered physical copies, you're CD is in the mail right now! For those of you who would like to purchase a physical copy, do so here.

If you have any questions:


Best Dapper Alive will be live on iTunes, Spotify, Etc. worldwide on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014. 


I am on the prowl for a good, reliable, attractive merch person that can handle my merch booth at shows and events. Are you the one? If so, shoot me an email:




LISTEN: Steven Cooper - "Fast Lane" ft. thePhantom*, Krizz Kaliko and Tamba Hali

LISTEN: Steven Cooper - "Fast Lane" ft. thePhantom*, Krizz Kaliko and Tamba Hali

A couple months ago Steven Cooper asked me to be on this track for his upcoming and I couldn't believe the line up. I think "hell yes" was my response. When I heard the beat I flipped and immediately started writing. This song came together incredibly and I hope we perform it at his album release party. 

Steven and I go way, way back (to his Lyrycyst days), I've been a HUGE Krizz Kaliko fan for years and recently got to know him. Both of these artists are elite. The biggest surpise, however, came from Tamba Hali of the Kansas City Chiefs (8-0, bitches!). Not only can he spit but he has great presence on the mic! I hope more collabs come from this one. 



New site! New Music! WTF!

As you all can see, the site is up and running. I have spent hours upon hours getting this ready and still have a ways to go. In the meantime, however, check it all out! Send me some feedback here if you have any suggestions.

To celebrate the excitement of the website getting going, I've released some new music that's exclusive to this site! I give you Synesthesia: Sloppy Seconds . It's available here! 



Sloppy Seconds.jpg