1. Satan / Heaven Again
  2. Chalice
  3. Mount Olympus ft. JL of BHood 
  4. Quit Cryin' ft. Mac Lethal
  5. Hammer Pants ft. Yung Huck
  6. Hella Satisfied ft. Keed Tha Heater & KJ of COA
  7. Good To Me* ft. The Abnorm (Produced by Scotty Wu)
  8. Never Come Down ft. Steven Cooper
  9. Me and My Guitar ft. Dominique Sanders (Bass Guitar)
  10. The Make Out Song ft. Dominique Sanders (Bass Guitar) & Jacob Cantrell (Lead Guitar)
  11. Stupid Shit ft. Joey Cool & Dutch Newman
  12. Blacked Out 
  13. One for KC ft. Kim Newsome
  14. Miami Nights ft. Heather Fay of COA
  15. Let's Make Music
  16. Eye Is Watching ft. Reach, S.H.A.D.O.W. & KJ of COA
  17. What's Goin' On? ft. Clay Hughes & Steddy P
  18. This Is It ft. Adrian Truth

All songs produced by thePhantom* except "Good To Me", produced by Scotty Wu.